Additional Training

Zero-cost Marketing

Finding new prospects is not only more difficult but more expensive. Through collaborative experimentation over years, the network has devised its own marketing system where you get paid to market vs. having to pay for it. Plus, you get a much stronger closing ratio. The system is based around the network’s unique “reverse-seminar” system and its business development and life management systems.

Day One
  • Session 1: The problems with traditional marketing systems
  • Session 2: Understanding Today’s Culture
  • Session 3: The reverse-seminar system
  • Session 4: Marketing Techniques for 2018
Day Two
  • Session 5: Sales systems for today’s culture
  • Session 6: Leadership Methods for Small Businesses
  • Session 7: Advanced-management practices PART 1
Day Three
  • Session 8: Advanced-management practices PART 2
  • Session 9: Fraud prevention
  • Session 10: Replacing retirement planning with lifestyle management