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These sessions serve as an orientation to the culture of AdvisorPlus Network and includes our fundamental philosophies and systems.

Orientation #1 provides an overview of successful techniques developed over time in the network for advisors who wish to work with CPAs. This session covers new mindsets and paradigms on how wealth management oversight can be more successfully integrated in the accounting industry. An hour-long conference session plus 30 minutes of Q&A.

Orientation #2 provides a deeper look into what most CPAs are looking for in terms of core services from financial advisors. An hour-long conference session plus 30 minutes of Q&A.

Initial instruction begins with Advisor Preliminary Training, which is a series of four live, discussion-oriented webinars supplemented by a variety of self-study materials.

These classes are free of charge and are for new members or potential members that the network is considering.

Class 1: Understanding Small CPA Firm Culture

This webinar covers the specific challenges that occur in small CPA firms today to enable advisors who work with CPA firms to better understand what they’re dealing with. This information comes through CPAPlus Network, which, through collaboration and collective experience, has developed systems that address these issues, leading to the complete transformation of today’s small CPA firms.

Class 2: Wealth Management Oversight from a CPA Perspective

An overview of the process CPAs use to integrate wealth management oversight into their practices. Includes procedures for determining which clients to focus on and how to set up appointments.

Class 3: Professional Service Agreement Systems for CPAs

Also from CPAPlus Network, an introductory session to understanding how the unique systems of creating and maintaining Professional Service Agreements (PSAs) allow CPAs to structure, and bill for, expanded engagements with individual clients. This decommoditizes their core work and creates client dependency on the CPA for anything that affects the client financially.

Class 4: Leveraging an RIA Practice & Parental Authority Coaching

A discussion of the five areas that RIAs could leverage to free up time for increasing production. Also included is a detailed overview and discussion of our proprietary sales psychology system.

Network Tahoe Lab: Applied Differentiation & Decommoditization examines how advisors, CPAs, and other professional service providers can add value to their practices through adopting coaching-centric methodologies, blue zone living, and collaboration through the Network. Participants will also gain an understanding of transformational leadership skills and discuss ways to more authentically connect with their clients.

Prerequisite: Must be approved to attend at least one Advanced Training

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Professional Development Programs

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As the centerpiece of AdvisorPlus Network, the Coaching Program consists of a series of coaching certifications aimed at helping participants answer the question, “Can you master the art of change and help others change?” This program incorporates trainings, weekly book studies, and discussion groups exploring subjects such as change management, mindfulness techniques, coaching methodologies, and healthy lifestyles and relationships, both familial and professional.

The Mentorship Program is rooted in the idea that mentorship is reciprocal: those who want to be mentored need to advance their own mentoring skills. The program helps connect members with other experienced advisors in both individual and group settings.

The Sales Apprenticeship Program combines sales psychology methods taught at the network and is designed to assist advisors who have not yet built a large enough client base for themselves. For those who are accepted in this program, advisors can earn revenue while learning and practicing our sales psychology methods by assisting the network’s screening and onboarding of new prospective advisors, CPAs, and other accounting professionals as well as specific types of business consultants. This program generally lasts 12-14 months.

This program is intended for advisors who have not yet developed a sustainable client base and is designed to enable them to earn additional revenue while developing the necessary sales skills to compete in today’s marketplace. Individuals accepted into this program will collaborate with established producers by providing ongoing client service and engagement. This program lasts approximately 2-3 years and is for advisors who are adept at educating clients and have an excellent sense of detail.

This program allows for real-time interaction between advisors and accounting firms to assist these firms in reorienting their practices to compete in today’s marketplace. To be accepted in this program, the advisor must be self-supporting in their current practice.

The Advanced Planning Group serves as the network’s core service laboratory, developing differentiated planning methodologies and ways to blend financial planning deliverables and investment and insurance products.

This 16-week book study meets every Friday and reviews 8 books.

Facilitated by Benjamin Allen, this three-part series examines how to work with clients affected by grief or loss. Topics include:

  • Resistance to Addressing the Client’s Grief
  • What Does the Advisor Need?
  • Unfolding Loss: What the Client Goes Through
  • Our New Relationships in Loss
  • Healing
  • A New Relationship with Yourself
  • A New Relationship with the Ones We Will Always Love
  • A New Relationship with the World We Live in Now
  • A New Relationship Between the Client and You
  • Self-Care for the Advisor

How to Combine Coaching Skills with Marketing and Sales Skills Successfully Today. Facilitated by Rachel Flower, this six-week course will cover topics, such as:

  • Where do sales, marketing and coaching intersect?
  • Differentiating yourself in a crowded marketplace
  • The new kind of sales and marketing – authentic influence
  • Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, biases and how that impacts your life
  • How to make your ideas stick
  • Emotionally intelligent language
  • Your personal makeover


(Requires Network Approval to Register)

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Advanced Skills Certification can help advisors become proficient in an entirely new-sales methodology relevant for today’s culture. This training guides advisors toward mastering important concepts, such as employing a Coaching-centric Methodology, Choice Architecture, Parental Authority Leadership, and Change Management. Advanced Skills Certification includes five sessions on Advanced Coaching, five sessions on Consulting, and two sessions on Core Services.

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Collaborative Development Lab examines the unique challenges facing those working in the professional service industry and how these challenges can be met through coaching and leadership opportunities. Participants will learn how to utilize Network tools to help develop collaborative relationships with professional service businesses, including small CPA and accounting firms.

Prerequisites: Advisor Preliminary Training and Advanced Skills Certification.

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Advanced Leadership Certification is for advisors who wish to build a large multi-state practice. The primary focus of this training is how to develop other advisors in a collaborative and mutually beneficial culture. Comprehensive training in building RIAs/IARs is also provided.

Continuing training, based on the concept of leadership as an inside-out methodology, helps participants develop leadership skills both in their personal and professional lives. For those already in leadership positions, this training can add to their existing knowledge of the topic.

Additional training topics include: Developing Leadership Traits from Visionary and Coaching Leadership Styles (e.g., Quantifiable Hope, Seeing Around Corners, Personal Mastery), Pace-Setting and Commanding Leadership Styles (e.g., Parenting Clients, Using Complexity Science to Develop Leadership Skills, the Enemy of Mindfulness), and Affiliative and Democratic Leadership Styles (Leveraging through Co-Creation, Driving Purpose, & Mastering Empathy).

Prerequisites: Advisor Preliminary Training and Advanced Skills Certification. Optional: Collaborative Development Lab

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Encompassing over 25 hours of instruction, discussion, and review, our proprietary sales psychology system, Parental Authority Coaching, helps both CPAs and advisors gain new engagement. Includes ongoing review of four two-and-a-half hour review sessions conducted once every three weeks after the sales lab.

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The Zero-Cost Marketing Program trains advisors to develop their professional practices by incorporating zero-cost marketing principles, which utilize coaching and leadership strategies to engage a client’s core values. By examining the ways in which conative styles, cultural anchors, and generational influences affect how people navigate their lives, participants will gain an understanding of how to move their practices beyond classic marketing systems.

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AdvisorPlus Network is conducting the new Tactical Lab. This training provides detailed instruction on different concepts relating to tactical investing, tactical financial planning and tactical business and life management.

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Open Offices & Forums

Whether you’re new to the network or are looking to advance your skills and depth of knowledge, there’s a discussion that’s right for you. Explore the open office calls and webinars below for more details.

CPA Development, RIA Practice Development, Closing Sales, Market & Tactical update

Discussions and examples of the recommended book list.

Advanced Leadership Training

Discussion on various coaching elements, such as health, mindfulness, creating/changing habits, advanced change management, and relationships.

Sales methodologies and all situations dealing with prospecting, selling, and coaching.

Discussions on current market conditions,
allocating portfolios for optimum protection and performance.

Coaching strategies for specific situations to assist RIAs and to assist CPAs that we’re currently working with.

Discussion forum held daily for advisors new to the network.