Additional Training

Sales Lab

Encompassing over 25 hours of instruction, discussion, and review, our proprietary sales psychology system, Parental Authority Coaching, helps both CPAs and advisors gain new engagement. Includes ongoing review of four two-and-a-half hour review sessions conducted once every three weeks after the sales lab.

Day One

Preparing to Win

  • Establishing Comprehensive Goals
  • Developing Deliberate Activity Habits
  • Understanding Sincere Theater
  • Determining Personal Roadblocks

Sales System Overview

  • Creating Differentiation
  • Establishing Synergistic Relationships
  • Using Parental Authority
  • Personal S.W.O.T.

Mastering Phase One Methodologies (Marketing)

  • Differentiating Mindsets
  • Differentiating Communication
  • Establishing Unique Core Differentiators
  • Positioning Rules for 2018
  • Differentiating Between Necessary & Important Information
Day Two

Mastering Phase Two Methodologies (Selling)

  • Mastering the Three Different Parts of Engagement
    • Core Services
    • Consulting
    • Advanced Coaching
  • Mastering Choice Architecture
    • Generational Languaging
    • Birth Order Languaging
    • Communicating via Conative Styles
    • Dealing with Cultural Anchors

Phase Two Deliverables

  • Financial Summary
  • Directional Summary
  • Individual Summary
Day Three

Mastering Phase Three Methodologies (Closing)

  • Mastering Parental Authority Techniques
  • Client Development Summary
  • Managing Change
  • Using Positive Influence
  • Understanding Loss Aversion
  • Using Suitability to Establish Clients
  • Adaptive Optimizer Concepts
  • Establishing Personal Gameplan