Foundational Training

Preliminary Training

Initial instruction begins with Advisor Preliminary Training, which is a series of eight live, discussion-oriented webinars supplemented by a variety of self-study materials. 

These classes are free of charge and are for new members or potential members that the network is considering. Click on the trainings below for more details. 

This class serves as a syllabus for all preliminary training classes as well as an overview of different elements of the network that an advisor can participate in. 

This webinar covers the specific challenges that occur in small CPA firms today to enable advisors who work with CPA firms to better understand what they’re dealing with. This information comes through CPAPlus Network, which, through collaboration and collective experience, has developed systems that address these issues, leading to the complete transformation of today’s small CPA firms.

An overview of the process CPAs use to integrate wealth management oversight into their practices. Includes procedures for determining which clients to focus on and how to set up appointments.

A discussion of the five areas that RIAs could leverage to free up time for increasing production.

A review of the initial interview conducted with a perspective client. This class also covers certain ways to differentiate yourself in today’s marketplace. Includes determining proper direction to move the client to Phase 2.

A discussion on different coaching deliverables that can be integrated into your current sales process. 

Also from CPAPlus Network, an introductory session to understanding how the unique systems of creating and maintaining Professional Service Agreements (PSAs) allow CPAs to structure, and bill for, expanded engagements with individual clients. This decommoditizes their core work and creates client dependency on the CPA for anything that affects the client financially.

A detailed overview and discussion of our proprietary sales psychology system.