Additional Training

Lead Advisor CPA Training

Lead Advisor CPA Certification offers comprehensive training in coaching small CPA and accounting firms on practice management and development. Those who complete this program successfully can take on multiple CPA firms to help manage their client bases. 

Prerequisites: Advisor Preliminary Training and Advanced Skills Certification.

Day One
  • Inside the World of a CPA
  • Coaching Practice Transformation
  • Implementing De-commoditization
  • Five Critical Factors about the Future of Accounting
Day Two
  • The CPA/RIA Relationship for Today’s Culture
  • How to Incorporate Wealth Management Oversight
  • CPAPlus Network Tools
  • Authentic Leadership
Day Three
  • Developing New Firms
  • Leadership Initiative Part 1: Producing Immediate Results
  • Leadership Initiative Part 2: Producing Ongoing Results
  • Evolution of the RIA as a Business Coach