Additional Training

Advanced Leadership

Based on the concept of leadership as an inside-out methodology, this training provides the most comprehensive leadership training in the accounting and wealth management industry. Advanced Leadership helps participants develop leadership skills both in their personal and professional lives. For those already in leadership positions, this training can add to their existing knowledge of the topic. 

Day One
  • Developing Talent
Day Two

Developing Leadership Traits from Visionary and Coaching Leadership Styles

  • Quantifiable Hope
  • Seeing Around Corners
  • Personal Mastery
Day Three

Developing Skills in Pace-setting and Commanding Leadership Styles

  • Parenting Clients
  • Using Complexity Science to Develop Leadership Skills
  • The Enemy of Mindfulness
Day Four

Developing Skills in Affiliative and Democratic Leadership Styles

  • Leveraging through co-creation
  • Driving purpose (internally & externally)
  • Mastering empathy