About Us

Founded by a group of advisors dissatisfied with the increased commoditization of services within the financial industry, AdvisorPlus Network has grown into an engaged community of professionals committed to fostering dialogue through a best-practice educational resource exchange.

What People Are Saying

Jason Lund

The benefits of network association have provided a change to my practice, and my life. I have taken control of my practice and reformatted my actions, communications and functions on a global scale. The change up has allowed me to take charge once again with no fear of loss in relationships
or revenue.

Bryan Burkhart

The Network is a rich treasure trove of resources that have been painstakingly developed over the past two decades. There are tools to help advisors and CPAs alike to enrich and expand the relationships with their clients. The ongoing education helps to keep key concepts fresh and timely based on what is going on in
the world.

Kirk Chisholm

I have been a financial advisor for over 18 years. While I had a good lifestyle practice, I was frustrated with the growth of my business. I was stuck in the rut of trying to grow my practice using the same methods that were effective 20 years ago, but not effective today. The network has helped me realize my potential and take my practice to the next level.

Cultural Non-negotiables

Proactive Beyond Competitive Edge

True Collective

Industry Disruptive

Long-tail Choice

Minimal Shared Expense

Interconnected Model

Virtual Network

Non-profit/Volunteer Model

Proactive "Next-practice" focus


Team Captain vs. Management

Revenue Security vs. Positional Security

Non-professional Network

We take what we do seriously. We don't take ourselves seriously.

Coaching-centric vs. Core Service-centric